Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A day in a life

 So this is a week or so late but here is a Sunday in my life about two weeks ago.

Matthew per usual, gets up Super early on the weekends, like in the 6 o'clock hour and runs in our room, jumps in our bed and wiggles around for a little bit until I get restless and we get up.

Since I am trying to cut the Starbucks drive thru I decided to try Via mocha which isn't too bad

Matthew is already wired, drawing pictures and pouncing around. (please disregard unspeakables)

For breakfast we decide on milkshakes. Really they are protein shakes but Matthew doesn't need to know that. Something I wish I would have know is that 5 minutes later, the entire cup of peanut butter, milk and protein powder was spilled on my sofa.

Its only been a half hour.

 I decide its time to stop neglecting my toes

Then I played with some fabric for my master bedroom drapes

Caught Matthew in his undies reading some books- how cute is he

I decided to go wake up my mom about 9:30 Sunday morning

We made pancakes for grammy and great grammy and watched some tv

Off to the grocery store about 11 ish

We also went to Lowes and dropped of some items at the Goodwill but alas I did not photograph those mindblowing tasks. We got pancake mix while at the grocery store and Matthew requested a 'pampake" for lunch too, I oblige but he didn't take one bite, instead he napped!!!!

Which gave me a chance to play with the paint chips I picked up at Lowes for a mini art project which went nowhere fast

I turned around to see the clump of fabric that will one day be the piano seat bench cover

I did manage to snag some more seashells from my moms house and made this vase, that I sell through Blessings Direct, a little more me with the added rocks and shells

Matthew never fell asleep. Daddy tried to take him swimming but it started lightning so no swimming just yet.

Its about 6pm and I have a little time to finish my paper for grad school while Mike finally does get Matthew in the pool. I just finished this class, A! 4.0 baby!!

Matthew was gifted with (2)  13 gallon trash bags full of Legos! I am more excited than he is but I bet once Uncle Al comes to visit he will understand the glory that is Legos

9ish and I start to iron, mostly Mikes clothes, for the week

One last glance at my freshly painted toes and Im off to nighty night

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This are Matthews eyes staring at Grammy's car pulling into the drive way after the trek of moving from Florida. He was so happy to see her pull in

Didn't even let her get out of the car before he ran up for his huggs!

I was a little late sharing these but since the move its been a little hectic... in a good way though.
Very happy to have my mom and grandma close by, safe and unpacked. Another big thank you to Aaron and Ryan and of course my husband for helping out so much and to everyone else who was there to pitch in.
Lots of Love