Monday, January 14, 2013

The Biggest Loser : Post Baby Body

Best compliment - “You don’t look like you just had a baby”.

I was very weary during my pregnancy weight gain that I was going to have a hard time losing the weight. I thought that since I was a little older and had a child already that it was just going to hang on me.
I just want to say that after two babies, two c-sections, two serious weight gains, (60lbs with Matthew and 40lbs with Lily) I am down to my pre pregnancy weight and then some. Not to say that some extra flab isn’t there but I fit into my clothes!  I am eating healthy, snacking mindfully and making working out a priority. There are a lot of moms out there that say they would rather spend time with their child then get fit which I think is comical. The hour a day I spend away from my kids is enhancing our relationship, since I will have more energy to play with them, more stamina to keep up with them and feel better about myself in the long run.

Since returning to work my new schedule allows me to go Saturday and Sunday mornings and two nights throughout the week. I just this week stopped breast feeding so I will learn if I need to make any adjustments to my diet to maintain my weight. I would like to lose another 5-10 pounds but I am not going to obsess about it. Santa brought me a bike for Christmas with a child seat so Lily and I can race Matthew around the neighborhood. Swimsuit season is right around the corner which means Matthew will be dragging us to the pool and one of my New Year’s resolutions is to run a 5K a month, and my first one is this Saturday.  So just living an active lifestyle will help stave off those extra pounds. In addition to the 5K goal, I am also committed to not eating candy this year (thanks Michelle Pizzo for the idea). Now I am solely talking the crap from the grocery store that is laden with corn syrup, hydrolyzed milk protein, or artificial ingredients. So a homemade cookie or treat is not off my list of things to indulge in. Also I am going to try to stick with the no fast food thing. I don’t eat McDonalds or anything like that anyhow, but sometime Chic-Fil-A sneaks in there, so I am going to make an effort to not do that anymore either. I recently purchased a Fit Bit calorie counter/ pedometer, which I think I am going to return because it does not seem entirely accurate but I do want to find one I like because it does make you aware of your movement and keeps you accountable plus it feels great to finish a combat work out and see the number of calories burned, instant gratification if you will.

My biggest goal/resolution is to just be happy! I had waited so long to get pregnant that I sorta lost sight of all that I have. I am ecstatic with my life right now, sure some things could be better, I could be more affluent, I could have 6 pack abs and a personal chef…maybe a goal for someday but for Now, I am present in the moment and happy with all the things in my life.