Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reading with his TAG junior that pop pop got him, gearing up for his visit in a few weeks!

For our special day, Mike and I got take out from PF Changs YUM and Matthew got to stand under a horse
Before of Matthews room. We needed to take down the shelves because the were hanging on by a thread.
I have been seeing decor with maps lately and thought it would be a great idea for his room!
He likes it too!

Then Matthew turned the camera on us--- 14 years together!

Morning of THOMAS! He packed his backpack to the hilt with Thomas trains
There is a better photo with Thomas on my facebook page, they were rushing us off the stage.

He made off with an umbrella and a Thomas cup.... he had a great day and I am happy to help provide that smile!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

After I lose these pesky 5-8-10 lbs or whatever the number changes to I am going to treat myself to a pair of one of these boots. I love them. And since I live in a city where it actually gets cold I won’t look wildly out of place either. I LOVE them all for different reasons. #1 because the color and they are classic in my opinion. #2 because they look comfy but might be slashed off the list due to the material and I don’t want them to look trashed after being in the slush and rain. #3 are Fryes, what’s not to love but the price tag. #4 are more me, they have a heel which will help with my lack of vertical prowess and they have a little sass factor. What do you like?




Also a random, has anyone read The Help?
Happy Hump Day everyone!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Matthew got to meet Sponge Bob!

And he wasn't terrified like when he attempted to meet Elmo! Smiles all around

Then this morning, he was plum tuckered out and this was his position when I went in to wake him up. So sweet

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Matthew was being so sweet this afternoon, loud but sweet. I had to make this one black and white so that I could hide, a smidgen, of how dark my under eyes are. SERIOUSLY what is up. I really truly need a great nights rest. Calgon take me away!
Regardless of how tired I am this smile always will brighten my day.

Matthew got a rockin hair cut! If I had thought about it Mike would have taken the camera to the salon but alas I didn't have that forethought AND I was at the gym for two hours trying to work on my fitness, I had no witness.
I got my hairs did too! I cut about 4 inches off and dyed it a deep auburn. I am so far in love with it but haven't had to do it myself yet. She did a small asymmetrical cut, not severe but just enough.

We went to Dunkin Donuts this morning, after fooling around with his donut, it ended up icing down on the floor and tears were had.

Matthew got a hold of my point and shoot camera

This is his point of view
And just a random shot of ALL of his Cowboy Woody dolls, I mean action figures. I don't think he needs anymore.  He has the same amount of Buzz Lightyears. I am not saying he is spoiled but...
And this caught my eye and I had to have it because I have been feeling the need for something all American. It is supposed to be a tray but I think I might add out last name on it and hang it by the front door. Not sure yet, just know that I like it a lot. 
I also am dying for some Chevron stripe. LOVE the lettered cottage too.... go check them out!
I bought a grey chevron lumbar pillow cover on Etsy and plan to add a little floral design to copy this. I plan to add it to my guest room since I can't work it in anywhere else.

SO that was my weekend. Hate that it is over but I am stoked that in one week from today my Mom and Grammy will be here, officially South Carolinians!
Have a great week!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Matthew is VERY excited tonight because he gets to sleep with Mommy and Daddy because as luck would  have it our AC unit went out AGAIN and our very nice neighbors lent us an old window unit to keep us cool until tomorrow when we can get it fixed..... YEAH

Wish List Wednesday

Lately I have been longing for a visit to Michigan but the reason to go has passed. My grammy passed several years ago followed by my Boompa, I have no clue where the name originated but it stuck and that is what the entire family called him. They had two homes, one in Michigan and the other in Florida. The house in Michigan holds so many memories and stories, tears and laughter, births and deaths that I cannot go into detail but I will saviour a few of my favorite things about the farm.

The smell when you walked into the farmhouse was always of good food. Grammy either had just baked fresh bread or had a bowl of peaches sitting on the end of the counter which permeated through out the mudroom.  Of course there were tons of goodies for all the grand kids to fight over, windmill oatmeal cookies, a plethora of Crush soda pop and orange Flintstones push-up pops to be had. Grammy was the master Roll-em Up maker, aka crepes, which as a child was filled with confectioners sugar and slathered in syrup but the more adult palette sprinkled fresh berries on them and devoured them as quick as she could make the gargantuan skillet sized breakfast treat. Then when all the batter was gone, and everyone cleared out to enjoy the back porch as they sat un-buttoned to enjoy the fresh air, she would clean and humm a tune in a sweet Grammy voice. She never complained and never wavered if she didn't get to enjoy any of her creations, she was satisfied knowing that her kids and grand kids were full. She would then break out the Rumicube or cards and challenge the grand kids and I don't recall ever losing all though I'm sure by gin playing skills weren't really up to snuff at that age. In the cooler weather the entire gang would gather outside for rounds of badminton, climbing the rafters in the storage farm house and running through the trails that connected all the buildings, that were either scary or wonderful hiding spots depending on whom you ask. There were lightning bugs galore and barely any other noise than nature to fill the air. The sound of the gravel driveway being pressed down as a car meandered down the long driveway always cause a stir to see who else was on their way over to share in the festivities and fight for Grammy's attention.

I have been feeling really close to my Grammy lately, not sure what sort of power is pushing the memories of tulips, blackberries and compost piles but it is in full force. Along with the image of her in her elegant ensembles which generally included a popped collar, she was way before her time, I can see her smile and hear her soft voice and random tidbits of wisdom she would instill upon you even if you were too young to appreciate it. If you were lucky enough to be visiting her alone, sans other grand kids, there was a great chance that you would get to go shopping with her which was one of her best hobbies. She was a master shopper and she didn't make you choose just one thing. Back to school shopping with Grammy meant a new wardrobe most of the time. I recall one summer visit that she bought be an extra suitcase to lug all my new loot home with. Christmas was a bonanza of presents and pies and such a menagerie of family, of course it was mostly hectic for the adults but the kids had such a great time running around like mad and tasting every delectable dessert that was topped off with her home made whipped cream, which has since been dubbed Chocolate Love by my friends who have had the chance to taste the magic of said whipped cream.

Something I fondly remember about the farm was a little wooden sign that hung on the wall in the tiny front bathroom that was really reserved for boompa that read "If you sprinkle when you tinkle Be a sweetie wipe the seatie" this has stuck with me all these years. It was fiiting to be in his bathroom as  Boompa was a master jingle maker. He had gems like," Some big hick threw a brick threw the winder, hit her side, hurt her pride, broke my finger."  and others like " Fogg dog you cold nosed individual. " never flirt with a skirt named gert"  which was my Grammys name. And a multitude of other sayings that would further confuse those whom weren't a part of them.

I think that living in South Carolina and raising my son had made me wish, sometime, for those simpler days of food, play and rest. I have the best of both the city and the rural life where we are right now. That might be the reason I am feeling so drawn to her lately. The openness of the fields, the livestock at the end of our neighborhood, the friendliness, just being more grown up to appreciate these things has made me look back and remember all those fun times and how I can only hope Matthew grows up with the same kind of lovely memories as I did.

Mike got the hang of sleeping on the porch on a breezy summer afternoon after being well fed

Al helping Grammy make yummy bread... and that is the rounded corner shelf where the peaches would always be

Church photo of Grammy and Boompa- he kept that head of hair until he passed

This is my favorite photo of them. This is at the farm in 1985. Leaves galore. Fall all day long, cant you hear the crunch of the leaves and smell them burning?

Al, Cousin Eric and I. That staircase was not kid friendly at night time. You would never come downstairs by yourself but thats a story for another time

Cousin Eric sharing his sippy cup with me

Al and Grammy at the Florida home

Grammy, my brother, me and my two cousins

My brother and I at the farm, love the linoleum floor

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little fuzzy but Matthew is showing you his new light up Spiderman toothbrush.Lemmie tell you that he was super excited about this since last night his toothbrush landed one to many times on the yucky bathroom floor and had to be trashed. He went to bed upset with me because he didn't want black teeth, we've done a good job hammering into his head how important oral health is.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Since I missed the 14th I will double up on the 15th.
We went to Lake Keowee and it just happened to be the one day that it wasn't 100 degrees out.

It was great though because the boys got to build a fire on the beach. Fantastic day all around. Thanks to the Zalars for inviting us!

We went to the farmers market downtown and just happened to pop into the Chocolate Moose for a cupcake. Praline.... mmmmm.

Happy mommy! We got a composter and Matthew is being a big help. I'm feeling nostalgic for Michigan lately, more on that later.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

I am in need of something Chevron striped. Since my decor does not call for it I have to find it in other areas. I am thinking about redoing Matthews wall of shelves since it is fairly unstable and perhaps I can work some Chevron in there. Otherwise I will find solace in a purse.

Cole Haan from Norstroms

Cupcake I ate yesterday from the Chocolate Moose... divine. Mocha chocolate which had chocolate covered coffee beans in it. YUM

Why don't they have flower markets everywhere? I really want to walk into a farmers market and see this display

Im a sucker for a stripe.

I have a soft spot for Jason Bateman and would like him to take me to dinner

Things I DO NOT require

no words for this, can you not use a scoop or measuring cup?

Trebuchet toaster, fun I suppose but lets be real

For you serious OCDers, stacked ice cream scooper

Hope you all have a great week! We are off to the lake this weekend for some boating fun! Photos to come