Monday, August 10, 2015

Booth manor updates part 1

It looks as if I like to wait a month between posts. We are officially moved in to our new home and it has been quite overwhelming. The previous tenants (the owners ex daughter in law) left the place a hot mess. I am talking 30+ bags of trash in the garage, trash and shoe boxes galore in all the closets, smatterings of food and grease in the kitchen and I don't want to talk about the smell of old animal stains.

The first thing we did was have the old popcorn ceiling texture removed. That is the only thing Mike was cool with contracting out. It took a 4 person crew 4 days to remove the popcorn because of the age of the popcorn and then to smooth out the imperfections and repaint. It is one of those things that you may not notice but it makes a big difference. When I came to check on the progress I was completely caught off guard because the entire house was tarped off in sections to try and manage the dust oh and in the middle of summer with no ac. ( the night before we closed and we did our final walk through we came to notice that one of the 4 ac units had been stolen. so needless to say it was replaced however it was not up and running at the time of the contractors being here for the first 2 days FUN TIMES). I ate frozen yogurt that day with peanut butter, not on the Fighter Diet but it did ease my anxiety for the moment.

While the workers were busy on the inside, mike was busy on the outside cleaning up the badly neglected yard. Whilst pruning and cutting back bushes and limbs he managed to get into some wicked poison ivy which spread like crazy and the poor guy had to endure the pain for 5+days.

Next up was to remove and replace the carpet from the kids rooms and the basement. As previously mentioned there were multiple animals and pet stains living here. We are going to hardwood the floors again but I wanted to get the kids carpet this time so they would play in their room and feel comfy. We chose a textured Berber because if I have to see carpet lines from the vacuum cleaner I might as well just call it a day in the land of coo coo things that will drive me insane. The carpet folks removed and installed 1400 sq ft of carpet and I am in heaven with how it turned out.

Multiple other small things have been done. New fans and lights in the kids room and guest room. Mike has braved the crawl space and secured it from other animals and their feces. Blinds have been removed and my old draped installed, although that is a for the moment fix as I have new ideas and color scheme brewing for the living room. We also have plans to remove a wall between the kitchen and main room which will open everything up and require new seating and area rug in my mind. Additional cabinets have been installed in the laundry room. I HAVE A REAL LAUNDRY ROOM and its possibly my favorite things about the house. And in between opening the boxes and finding space for items Lily had her first fever ever for 4 days, Levi is teething and Matthew had an abscess tooth removed and he starts a new school next week. I have eaten entire jars of peanut butter but I have also continued to make it to the gym, missing only one day. Finding a new gym closer to the house is proving to be difficult, 2 of the gyms didn't have squat racks, can you even consider yourself a gym without one?

I plan to capture the updates as they occur with the house and share them here hoping for inspiration and patience. Thats all for now!

no more push mower for us

yea thats a hole in the floor

Pet stain anyone?

out of the 80s blinds