Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day and laziness

It is already September and this weekend is Labor day weekend which I have been told and have recently come to realize myself is one of those wake-up wholly crap where did the year go new year’s resolutions check time to rev up for the holidays and let go of the summer.
I have to say, my old boss Ken, once told me that as you get older the years go by faster. At the time I was in my late teens I didn’t feel but now I can surely feel that time is slipping fast. I don’t know what I used to do to occupy my time. Long gone are the lazy Saturdays and lounge all day maybe get dressed Sundays. Sleeping past 7am is a distant memory. Getting ready to go out with friends after 10 pm seems like a false reality. The way things are now is up and at’em when Matthew rises about 6:30-7:30 depending on if he thinks he has school or not. Weekdays are a blur with school, work, chores, and gym. The everyday mundane things that seem insurmountable at any given time but are really nothing to noteworthy when looking back at them. I can’t imagine life without Matthew, really, it is hard to recall what we did and what life was like before he was around only three and half years ago. I must have watched a lot of TV. And even though I am tired now I recall being lethargic then, like I was too overwhelmed to take anything else on, WTF was I thinking? I feel like superwoman sometimes with the amount of things that are on my plate and growing as Matthew does. He is getting ready to start a soccer league at the end of the month, SOCCER people, I still want to rock and nurse him and he is going to be on a team with other mother’s babies who I am sure are having the same ohmgee feelings.
Regardless I just wanted to post that indeed time flies. It is September and there only three months left in 2011. Have you done what you set out to accomplish this year?
I have given up on the drink cheaper coffee resolution as I prefer to spend my money on Starbucks then drink the work pot swill that is offered. I have however cut back on the amount of times I go and cut back on the caloric intake of which I order. That goes with my resolution to have shake weight arms. I still enjoy baking over cooking but at least I am giving it a try, when there is time of course. As far as keeping plants alive, well, I have replaced two dead ones but have kept many alive. And for this I am thankful. I have been more cognizant of my actions and thoughts and have been more aware of what I have rather than that of which I don’t in my goal to be more thankful for what I have.
Also this year, my mom and grammy moved closer which is fantastic. A big goal crossed of the list. I completed another 5k in record time for me. I took a few more classes towards completing my MBA. I threw one of my besties a baby shower and can’t wait to meet the bundle of joy in a month! I have tried, tried, tried again to give Matthew a sibling and will continue to do so, knowing that everything happens for a reason and that His timing doesn’t always match your timing. Another wise boss of mine told me to aim for happy instead of aiming for a different job. Just aim for happy. So today that is what I shall do.