Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Booth Manor part deux

Its a bit of challenge to parent 3 kids and to have 5400 sq ft of house to redo every single square inch; On top of trying to maintain a diet and exercise regime and be a sane wife, friend and daughter. Let me say, I am not doing any of it well right now.

Booth Manor has had some upgrades but not the pretty oh wow updates. We have replaced the gutters and fascia on the house. Expensive fix that needed to be done but not one of those things that I would have liked to spend the money on. Also, the man that came out to verify the footage needed tweeked me when he questioned my design aesthetic saying he felt sorry for the neighbors and our house because I chose black gutters. Well dude, I love them.
matthew snapped this for me and its just the fascia. I will have to update with gutters.

Mike continued to do work under the house in the crawl space which I was almost convinced he had made into a man cave with the amount of time he spent laying new vapor barrier and insulation. It indeed cleared up the smell from the previous tenant and the feline friend that occupied the space freely peeing where ever it desired. This crawl space is directly under the master so the smell was intense and I could not handle it. The previous owners had a yappy dog as well that seemed to take his pee's on the master floor, so even after we ripped up the carpet, the wood underlay was so badly stained that it too needed to be replaced. While this was happening we had to move all our furniture to the living room so it was one big sleepover for the week. 

Mike put down new sub floor and primed and painted our master this weekend. Huge difference! It doesn't feel like a dirty motel room anymore.

Whilst I was awaiting for some of these projects to get a move on I decided that I couldn't sit here and nurse Levi anymore looking at this wall that needed to come down. So I got a straight knife and a hammer and tore the bitch down.

We had been questioning if it was a load bearing wall and have since concluded that it is and will need to have a support beam installed. Even with the studs showing I am happier with it, hopefully though it wont take months to complete. 

Another project I just decided to start was to paint our brick fire place white. Eventually the floors will be a dark wood and the walls are going greyish blue, which is another project I cannot wait to complete but cannot locate the right color, everything looks purple when the light hits it. Anywhoo the fireplace is not done but here is a work in progress 

Started out white washing them but have decided to go full on paint. We have also repainted the interior of the fireplace so it looks new again. 

Lets see here, I have picked out lots of fabric and have many many ideas for things that will be done but implementing them have not been the fastest which I knew going into this but as we all know i have the patience of a toddler. 

Levi is getting a cornice board and some pillows

Levi is getting a reading tent

Lily is getting length to her drapes and some canopy action

This is the entryway to the house and I cannot a.) wait to replace the 80's style stair railing and b.) take down the painted over wallpaper, to yes, replace it with different wallpaper. 

Its a statement for sure and will be only in this corner nook which does carry to the second floor but I have coveted it for sometime now and cannot wait to see the difference it makes. 

So yes it is slow going but improvements are being made. All the while my lily turned 3, my matthew started 2nd grade in a new school with ease, and mr koala is going to be 1 before I know it. Oh and a horse dog great dane joined our family. Time is flying for sure and the chaos of living upside down gets to me some days and other days I am thankful to have a handy husband and a mom who will do whatever she can to help.