Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Update:

Since my mom moved up at the beginning of August,  I (we) have been making major headway in all the projects I have lined up around the house but didn’t have the guts or the know how to complete on my own.

We now have a header in the bedroom and I also switched out some photographs for these great mirrors I found.

I painted the half bath from a poop brown to a high gloss beige, boring right. BUT then I had the idea to wallpaper the ceiling and my mom was kind enough to implement said idea and voila major impact! Plus I utilized a painting that I couldn’t find a home for from my mother in law that adds some class to an otherwise unclassy room.

Poop brown-fitting I suppose

Not poop brown- but sorta meh

And then BAM!

and then smack you with some class

On to the dining room: I had this photo from Sara’s House as inspiration; I like the idea of mixing patterns and being fun in the dining room instead of so stuffy and traditional. I had looked at many wallpaper books and wavered back and forth in ideas. I initially wanted to do grass cloth wallpaper but the sticker shock steered me clear of that thought. I found this wallpaper which is perfect, it has the teal that I love and a punch of coral and although it is formal it is still very high energy. I am still searching for the right fabric to use on my chair seats and my mom is still working on the settee that will go in here but for now I am very happy with the outcome of the dining room.

Some other household items that I can check off my wish list is:
The Galileo Thermometer- I gift from my Dad

This great House Rules print- There is a plethora to choose from but I just thought these fit us the best.

The new door in the bonus room: which is repurposed from the dining room. It made no sense to me to close off the kitchen from the dining room with a glass door so we removed it and brought it upstairs to the bonus room. It makes it feel a smidge bigger since there is not this big block of a door anymore.

Fall is here Fall is here and lookie what we made! I love this banner. I got the idea from Pinterset and made a replica. I love it and for under $10 think it makes great impact on the room.

Here is a photo of the front yard décor. I just love what a couple of barrels of straw can add and of course the mums! How can anyone not love this time of year?! We are holding a pumpkin decorating party for the kiddos this year so there will be more decorating and fall fun photos to come!

There was also an addition and subtraction to our family.
Two weeks ago I was out with ,as my husband has dubbed, my spontaneous friend, and we made a quick trip to the SPCA just to see what was there. BIG mistake. Of course I found a friend that needed to be mine and after a few phone calls, a night to think about it and a second ticking by slower than the last class of the last day of school day at work I went back with my son and picked up our new dog, Barley. He is a mini long haired dachshund mix and is just a super chill lovey dog. He gets along great with our other dog Shelby and with a few tiresome nights of potty training and kennel cough behind us we seem to be in the clear.

Sadly, over the weekend we had to say good bye to the best cat ever. Angelo, aka memow left us on Saturday. He was an old man, whose arthritis and weight loss on top of his recent incontinence made it clear that it was time. Which isn’t really that easy right, I mean how do you ever really know that it is time. I called my mom over to the house to get her opinion and after calling the vet and holding back the tears as long as I could I called Matthew over to talk to him. He was in the back yard picking weeds flowers for me, I sat on the deck stairs and asked him to sit with me, he asked if I was crying and when I told him yes, he handed me the flowers and told me they would make me feel better. CRY harder. I told him that his kitty was sick and that I needed to take him to see God. I know he didn’t understand but he sat there quiet with me for a moment. Then I took him inside and as my mom and husband were already surrounding Memow, I sat Matthew in front of him and told him to give kitty big hugs and to soft him, as he says instead of petting. After we had a big group hug with Memow in the middle we left for the vet but not before we gave him as many treats and grass eating time as he wanted. My mom stayed with Matthew and when Mike and I returned Matthew said to me calmly that he didn’t have a kitty and that of course induced more tears. Then about an hour later he came to me and asked if his kitty felt better now. What a sweet little heart he has. We will miss Angelo. He was my first pet as an adult, he went through college, and many moves with me. He was my first baby and I hope that he knows what a blessing he was to us.

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