Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year---- Are You Listening??

After a long holiday weekend, there is nothing more annoying than the blaring beeping of the alarm clock come Monday morning. Just for fun here is my ideal job where alarm clocks would be used solely to insure that I get to the airport on time not to wake me from my slumber every day. I would like to be a stay at home mother with a side career as an interior designer who gets to take family photos of her clients kids and then fulfill my passion for baking in my chef’s kitchen. And since I am baking all the time I will need to have time to go to the gym DAILY. In this ideal world, my house would stay in the same location it is now but the kitchen would be remodeled like this

Or this

And the the master would look like this

Or this


And the bathroom would look like this

And we would also have a mud room for shits and giggles

And here is where I would create masterpieces

I would have the appropriate serving dishes for all meals; they would be matching when I wanted them to be and eclectic at other times. I will be on a first name basis with the cashier at Williams Sonoma. My herb garden would be flourishing, along with my roses as I would have time to tend to them. Matthew and I would have dates at the playground and library and I would be well coiffed instead of ponytailed and weary eyed. My designs would hit the coffee tables in Design Magazines and I would be paid an obscene amount for doing what I love. My dogs would let me sleep.

In this fantasy life I will have two more children. Twins perhaps. Boy girl. When they grow up they will love coming home on the holidays because they just can’t get enough of their moms cooking and their dads company. We will have family traditions that they carry on throughout their kid’s lives. I want to emulate my Grammy and always be the last to sit to eat because she has just one more thing to get out of the oven or just a little more whipped cream to make. Our Christmas cookies would be out of this world iced and perfectly decorated. Perhaps 2012 is listening....

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  1. They have a lot of options, too, not just the cabinets they have in stock at the store. I recommend having a professional measure your kitchen for you, especially for countertops, because new kitchen countertops won't fit correctly unless you have PERFECTLY straight walls.