Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: 20-30

Week 20: Drum roll please- you are a GIRL and the size of a cantaloupe! We are beyond thrilled! You are the first girl born into the Booth side of the family in many generations! All the wives tales for telling gender pointed to girl and I was really hoping to have one of each. Matthew is very excited to have a sister, because as he puts it, “we already have a boy”. He has already filled your room with all of his ‘baby’ things such as pacifiers, spoons and blankets and has allowed me to move his rocking chair in your room without fuss. He tells us that when you get a boo-boo he will kiss it and when you cry he will rock you. I am sure your bond will be strong. He kisses my belly daily for you Lily and I cannot wait for him to meet you. He wanted to buy you a princess wand before we knew you were a girl. I am feeling pretty great, a few headaches here and there and the inevitable tiredness that goes along with carrying around another human and the extra weight. My skin is starting to clear up which is a nice plus and unlike my previous pregnancy, I do not have the lovely arm bumps. I am getting some melasma on my face but hopefully that will go away after you arrive. Small price to pay for having my prayers answered. Started to feel movement finally on Friday the 13th!

Week 21: You are the size of a banana. Daddy saw you move! I am in some happy chaos. I am trying to get the nursery set up. Purchased the fabrics for your bedding and awaiting your chandelier and rug to pull it all together. Seems like there is a lot going on lately not as much down time as I had when I was pregnant with Matthew.

Week 22: You are the size of a papaya! I have gained close to 28lbs. I am coming to terms with the weight gain. I am feeling great, a little tired but nothing severe. You are moving around a lot. You are most active at night once I get to lie down. The chandelier is up and gorgeous. We are traveling to Florida to see Pop Pop and Uncle Jimmy; you were VERY active on the last plane ride so we will see how you do on this one.

Week 23-25 missing in action: I don’t recall too much but we traveled to Florida, we went in the Gulf, we took a boat ride and went to a carnival, you did great at all things. Never felt sick, just a few kicks.

Week 26: I am at 30 lbs gained and you are the size of a head of lettuce. I am tired, not sleeping well, up a bunch to pee. Scheduled our maternity photos.

Week 27: I am at 30 and hanging. You are the size of a cauliflower. I am very uncomfortable at night, with my belly on one side and my boobs going another, it’s hard to find a good comfy spot until just about the time my alarm goes off, human or otherwise. I am outrageously tired in the afternoon and would like a good nap but my current schedule doesn’t allow for that. I sneak them in on the weekends if I can.

Week 28: Oh hello there hormones, I had wondered where my crying hormones had gone; Must have been waiting for the third trimester to sneak up on me. I thought I was going to sail through without the crazy cry for nothings but alas here you are. You are the size of a rutabaga. I am 31 pounds gained which doesn’t help the cries, my linebacker arms are getting the best of me and all I see are the cute, only belly, preggos out there. I had aspired to be like that but looks like I am going to have to go crazy after you get here and hit the gym when time allows. Currently my thoughts are to become vegetarian after you are out, seems like too much to take on with you in there.
Had my glucose test and she was actually pleased with my weight which shocked me. Your heartbeat is strong and you are measuring well.

Week 29: You are the size of an acorn squash. I am having lots of back and foot pain, feels like a hammer is beating my feet. I am not swollen though which is good. You are dancing away in my belly; I think that you are very long based on where I feel all of the movement. Daddy says he can’t imagine how I sleep with all that going on in there. I passed my glucose test so there is no concern with gestational diabetes.

Week 30: I am staying steady at the +30 weight range, any higher and I will not discuss. You are the size of a cucumber. You are moving around like you are already a prima ballerina. Your heart rate was 140 this doctor visit. She said we were right on track. We finished your nursery this week which makes me extremely happy, now all that is missing is you!

This is 31 weeks, but during the last few months, Mike has been replacing all the windows in the house, and there was drywall everywhere so the weekly shots were delayed.... but aren't the new windows nice? :)

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