Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It’s a Wish List Wednesday

I have been going full speed ahead this year, I cannot believe its late April already and that I am 33! So far I have ran three 5Ks with more on the horizon, I won a trip to Tampa, Florida to see Kenny Chesney in concert with my bestie as well as see my family and friends to show of the babies, on top of that I was gifted free tickets to Disney so that Matthew could see the Magic Kingdom while Mike didn’t have to have a conniption over the cost, I then re did Matthews bedroom for probably the third time since living in SC, Mike has his car habit and I have my decorating- I will blog about the transformation later, I celebrated my 33rd birthday with a dinner out with friends and was able to sleep in while Mike tended to the kids as well as a sweet heart necklace that Matthew picked out with love (surprisingly it has yet to turn my skin green),I had the opportunity to go to Vegas for next to nothing and although I didn’t come back a huge winner, I did win enough to cover my expenses which included $21 drinks and tickets to see Peep Show with Coco which was quite amusing, I was then blessed enough to find a cohort to attend the Carrie Underwood concert with me last night and had a great evening out- phew. Now that all of that is done and I am putting myself on a spending moratorium, it is time to put all my wants down on paper- sort of like window shopping:

 I have a thing for chevron- no surprise

And I have a thing for comfy throws

So Why not mix the two?

I am sorta obsessed with these flats from Target but cannot find them in a store

Who doesn’t need a bright orange egg crate to display tasty  treats like this one from Rachel Ray?


And speaking of tasty treats- I like to make home made whip cream and this nifty little contraption will dispense it like RediWhip!


And what better way to display your berries to top with said whip cream then with these porcelain berry baskets?

I am still looking for a great floral shop where you can pick freely, the farmers markets are hit and miss



And lastly I am looking to the future to bring Mike and I to somewhere exotic, romantic and serene where we would be greeted with these – perhaps for our 10 year wedding anniversary? (honey… are you listening?)


Oh this is on top of my Macys Wish list with a plethora of cute tops and dresses- but since I am still working out I don’t want to put too much money into my closet plus after reading the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess; I have cleared out my closet from anything that doesn’t fit or that I know I wont wear and have a box in my trunk to send to a friend and a bag to donate so it seems counterproductive to just fill it up again. However I do recommend the wish list, as it alerts you when items you desire are on sale, just in case.

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