Monday, June 23, 2014

Antelope Roam

Its been a while since I have blogged- I suppose there were more pressing things to tend to like having a 6 year old start school, a two year old running wild and a 21 week old brewing. Since we have the little bundle on the way, my list of needs/ wants for the house are ever changing. We went price comparing this weekend to determine if hardwood or Berber carpet would be a better solution for our upstairs flooring needs. There is close to 1100 sq ft to cover plus the stairs.  We plan to move in the next year to two years so I am looking for something that will stand up for that amount of time to a dog, 3 boys and a toddler girl. Plus my Mr. handyman likes to do everything himself so I was also considering the amount of time for installation into the equation.  The hardwood we love is a hand scraped bamboo that was surprisingly less expensive than the Berber that I was not at all impressed with. However, while at the carpet shop, I did happen to fall head over heels for this antelope rug. It would make no sense in our homes decor but I love it anyway. 

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