Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A 27 Week Baby Bump Thought Process:

A 27 Week Baby Bump Thought Process:

I can squeeze into that
Ugh I’m fat
I want ice cream
Maybe I should go to the gym.

I have not journaled this pregnancy as much as I did with Lily, one for lack of time since I have two other kids and two because it has not been the most fun pregnancy. I am in no way complaining because at least I get the opportunity to feel like garbage where I know a lot of other women are struggling to conceive so I am counting my blessings for a healthy third child.

Cravings: First trimester: Sour Patch kids, anything starchy
                 Second trimester: pickled beets

Aches and Minor complaints:

First Trimester- Extreme morning sickness, afternoon sickness and night sickness coupled with extreme fatigue and the joy of losing my job a week after finding out I was pregnant. So there was no stress there whatsoever. 10 + gained just from peeing on the stick. Oh and let’s not forget about the glorious explosion of acne. I went through a bottle of Tums in the first few weeks; I am telling you plain air gave me heartburn. I am overjoyed to be pregnant with a dash of what the hell were we thinking. I was rehired a few weeks later before a bump was too noticeable however baby brain really had set in and I was surely missing my afternoon nap with lily. 

Second Trimester: It’s angry down there, Vern is a mean sonofabitch. My energy level is back from the dead but not to 100%. That is in part to transitioning Lily to her big girl bed and having some sleepless nights from her waking up more often. That seems to have leveled off now and we are back to the normal waking to pee and find a comfortable position. My nose is a desert; never had this issue before where it is just painfully sore but it’s been added to the odd world of pregnancy issues. Add 10 more lbs this trimester. Boy names are 3 trillion times harder to agree on. I was certain this pregnancy was another girl based on the morning sickness, since I had that with lily and not Matthew. Alas, a pecker was seen and even though we initially settled on Jason, we have since changed our minds and landed on another name to be announced when he arrives, incase pregnancy hormones change my mind again. I feel that my mood is not as wishy washy with this pregnancy, but Mike may have another response for you. I have continued going to the gym longer with this pregnancy, twice a week combat classes, and minimal weights. Alas I am having severe sciatic pain to which my doctors attribute to it being my third pregnancy and all the symptoms happen harder and faster. YAY! BUT with that I am blessed to be kicked and jabbed all day long, by far this is the most active baby in utero. No more wanting to vomit, just wanting to meet him.

We will be celebrating our little girls second birthday in just a few weeks and also sending Matthew into the first grade, as much as I want D day to get here, I also want to freeze time where my babies are still little and precious, and snuggly and want to live with their mom forever. Can’t have my cake and eat it too. Cake? I’ll be right back.


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