Friday, January 21, 2011

My Soap Box

People wonder what’s wrong with the world today- let me give you some hints:

Toddlers and Tiaras- toddlers DO NOT need to get their eyebrows waxed nor don cone bras circa Madonna 1988. As a mother I can understand wanting to show off how beautiful your child is but this is taking it many, many steps too far. This is purely for the parent’s satisfaction as the child obviously has no reference to ask for these things. I am no purest and have dressed my son up in outfits that put a smile on my face not his but I certainly did not parade him around on stage and request that he be judged. I think it is stunts like this that create the mean girls in grade schools that terrorize other children for being age appropriate. My now 10 year old niece once told me she needed to go on a diet and that she wants a Vera Bradly bag- now do you think she came up with that on her own? Her parents are extremely loving and she is well disciplined and yet she had these thoughts of herself that no 8 year should have.

The Show Bridal Plasty is another horrible creation. I have only seen clips of this show while on a plane but the premise is awful and yet again pits women against each other in a bitter battle to deteriorate the others self esteem which is obviously already low if they are even on the show to begin with. The premise is to engage in trivial games in order to win plastic surgery prior to their wedding day. Here is an actual snipit from the site about the show: Brides! Hate your face? Bored by your breasts? Fancy being on TV? ... Each week, groups of betrothed women will be set wedding-themed challenges. The winner gets a surgical operation of her choice. Really America?

What has happened to our gun control and lack of firearm knowledge? For years children were raised with guns in the house, some hanging on the wall and there were no rampages on school yards or massacres at the grocery store. We need to teach our children fire arm safety, the proper use of guns and the consequences of misuse. It scares the bejesus out of me to watch the news and hear stories like: 14 year old shoots Father, Aunt and Grandmother. 11 year old shoots and kills his mother over being asked to bring in some firewood. And obviously the recent massacre in Arizona and all of the events on school campuses Nationwide do not make anyone feel safe. I know, I know, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I know it is our right to bear arms and that there are laws out there that are supposed to protect us but guess what they aren’t working!  We need to take it upon ourselves to bring awareness to our family and keep them safe. I am no gun enthusiast, just a concerned parent.

Our love for celebrities who do not have their sh*t together is another huge setback for society. Why do we hold people like Charlie Sheen in a golden light, he has been accused of some heinous acts and yet we let him slide because he is an actor? I am not saying that the lives celebrities lead is not fascinating, and that yes I yearn for the fashion, the glitz and would love to get all dressed up for a premier BUT look at what fame does to people. Can you think of many reality shows where the one time mundane family/couples that is now thrust into the spotlight ends well? Jon & Kate, Nick & Jessica, Even Little People Big World… it messes with their head and it’s because of us, the overly peering public is obsessed with them that it continues on. I would like to see some class and elegance brought back.

Snookie! Nuff said. Not to say that I don’t tune in to watch Jersey Shore but I am an adult and find it amusing, I don’t yearn to be Jwoww or Snookie or be one of the many random women ready to Smush or DTF. Children watch this show and Idolize these fools. Why on Earth does The Situation hold a 5 million dollar yearly income and us lowly people who work hard, study, and try to maintain decency pull down less than 6 figures? It just doesn’t seem right!

There is ZERO accountability these days. Everyone blames someone else for their actions. Which goes right along with the above two complaints.

Also I have ranted about this before- perhaps in the days of MySpace- but I loathe those who see marriage as their chance to have a big party and not hold the union to any standard and get divorced months later. If you want a big fancy party and a white dress, have a big fancy party and wear a white dress! Don’t take vows that you have no intention of keeping! Marriage is hard work and if you have no desire to put forth any effort in maintaining a healthy, sacred, well meaning balance of daily sometimes mundane but well worth it tasks associated with a long prosperous blending of two lives then Don’t put a ring on it!

Okay I feel better now. Time to go get my Treinta Mocha Latte from Starbucks and watch the DVR’d marathon of The Real Housewives while letting my son go unattended to as he plays with scissors. Kidding, I’m kidding! (I like Tall Mocha drinks duh)

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  1. LOL. But you are so right. And I think you know my feelings around self-esteem and women - some of those shows break my heart when I think about the fact that my 3 girls (and son) will see them one day. Lots of pressure on parents.
    Keep writing! I want to read more!