Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In my mind

While perusing the magazine aisle at the grocery story today, which is not the norm as usually I have Matthew in tow and all he can think about is getting his free Publix cookie, I came to realize these few things
I really love the smell of cinnamon, there are some leftover cinnamon brooms at the grocery store and the smell just made me happy. I think it was the first time today that I wore a real smile and just had an easy feeling.
Then while I was looking at some decorating magazines I realized that I really like the teal blue green color, peacock color if you will and all variations of it.
So two things: I love teal and cinnamon.

I also have figured out the perfect girl name if I ever get pregnant again and if that pregnancy leads to a girl I have the name all figured out. I will not say it now as I don’t want to hear any crap about it but the initials are of course M and the middle name J.

Back to perusing magazines- I should NOT do that. It just gives me more decorating ideas and I already have too many of them. On top of that it gives me the wants. I need to stop having the wants and start liking what I already have more. Even Oprah says so.
Speaking of, when I got home today, the package from Macys was at my door,  this is the order I placed after receiving yet another negative pregnancy test and I allowed myself to order the dress and the cardigan I had been eyeing. However the dress is going back. It was on clearance and that means there was only one size left and lord only knows what lead me to hit add to bag on an XS.
 I also bought these single serving broccolis which I forgot how much I loved and they are only 40 calories.
That is where my head has been today.
Oh and I want to stay at home, not drop of my boy at daycare anymore.

This is a plant that I am NOT going to kill and it happens to be in the teal color that I am obsessed with right now


  1. I love you girl!
    xoxo Jamie

    ps you will have a girl some day but promise me the name is NOT Mary Jane.

  2. Cinnamon brooms are the best! Always reminds me of my home :)

  3. ha! i love all the randomness in your head!

  4. If you keep the plant alive please tell me your secret! I kill every green thing in my vicinity!