Monday, March 5, 2012

Week By Week- 1st trimester

Week 5: utter excitement and joy- it was Christmas week which showed an abundance of cookies and cakes and I was not sick at all. Too much going on to feel sick only pure happiness.

5 weeks
Week 6: Only the size of a pumpkin seed and yet I am feeling a little queasy and indecisive on what I want to eat, Sprite has been a friend of mine. Matthew wants to call you Wow Wow Wubbzy and he thinks you are a girl, as do I.

Week 7: my little blueberry, you have caused me to stay in bed all weekend. I can’t figure out what you want to eat, I am famished but the instant I eat something I get this horrible taste in my mouth along with serious gas and stomach pains. I am tired but not exhausted. I feel hung over.
7 weeks

I am overly excited to share the news with everyone about you. Lots of friends are pregnant too and I want to share with them and get advice on what they are eating and how they are feeling but we want to wait until we see the doctor in 2 more weeks to hear everything is okay with you before the world knows. A select few know now and have cried for us because they are overjoyed that after such a long journey that you will be here with us soon.

Week 8: A raspberry- constipation cha cha cha. Just call me Gaseous Clay. I am not sleeping well, but feeling better than week 6-7. I have been making my green drink in the mornings and think that is helping me feel better throughout the day. Can’t wait for the first sonogram!

Week 9: You are the size of an olive. I’ve gained 9 lbs. My fuse is a little shorter than it has been lately; perhaps all these hormones causing this attractive neck acne is to blame? My hair is coming out in handfuls.

Week 10: You are the size of a red grape. We had our first doctor appointment today. We got to hear your fast heartbeat (176bpm) and saw you on the sonogram, not too active yet. I have gained 10 lbs and the doctor says we are both healthy and gave you a due date of 8/30. I have discovered that you don’t particularly care for sugar, which stinks for me, but will be best in the long run. I officially have just 2 pair of work pants that fit, (with the top button undone). Ice has once again become a staple, chewing it up makes me happy, this was a favorite past time of mine when I was pregnant with Matthew as well. I was also told that it was time to upgrade my bra to get rid of the ‘quad’ boob. Done.
10 weeks

Week 11: You are the size of a walnut. This week has been hit and miss as far as how I feel. I went to the gym for the first time in a month and was SO sore. I am getting a little more indigestion than usual. Also I am starting to get a pooch! Cannot sleep well, tossing and turning, I think we need a new mattress more than anything. Matthew has been talking to you and giving you kisses on my belly. Migraines have been the complaint of the week.

Week 12: you have doubled in size and are now the size of a kiwi. I have gained close to 15 lbs. Not the size of a kiwi. I am still getting migraines and becoming very dizzy in the mornings. My sciatica is kicking in again, and the old Mr. Happy of days past is becoming very useful. My pants are tight and I am currently wearing one of the two pair of work appropriate pants I can fit into before I dive fully into the maternity gear. You have also declared “NO ONIONS!” I hear ya. Oh and also, night sweats!

Week 13: You are the size of an egg. I have been overly tired. Been in bed by 8:30 this week. Still not feeling great, getting migraines in the afternoon but that might be because of my exciting desk job and looking at the computer screen for 9 hours a day. Mike has been a stellar husband and father, allowing me to lie down while he takes care of Matthew’s nightly routine. Matthew has been extra sweet as well, covering me with blankets and attempting to bring me ice cream out of nowhere the other night and snuggling me whenever possible. I am one lucky girl. I am also on a bit of a bit-o-honey binge
13 weeks

We have our gender ultrasound on my birthday! I am so excited to find out if I have a lot of shopping to do or a lot of laundry to get all those clothes I saved ready.