Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wish List Wednesday: Birthday Edition

I am going to try and lend a hand to my gift impaired husband and do a little day dreaming at the same time.

 I want a new bicycle, which may seem odd since I’m pregnant, but I enjoy riding my bike with Matthew in our neighborhood. I had a good cheap bike previously, with the baby seat attached to the back and we rode all the time, then some hoodlums stole said bike! I couldn’t believe someone would take a bike with a child’s seat on it, and Matthew’s helmet was also taken because it was hanging on the handlebars. Thugs.

This simple, Wal-Mart brand, cheap-o bike will be just fine for my needs. And when the 2nd child makes his/her debut we can go out and buy another child’s seat for the back.

Second on my list are shoes: Yes I have a ton but I do love some new shoes. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of closed toe black heels. Seems simple enough but since my feet have decided to be two different sizes it is a rather hard feat to find the perfect comfortable, stylish pair. Plus new other cute shoes would be nice too. And some sensible, work appropriate sandals for when my feet become swollen Vienna sausages that feel like they might burst open at the tips like little fire crackers. MMMM wiener tots.

A day at the spa- to include a facial, pedicure and prenatal massage. Aveeda Salon and Spa Downtown

Cast iron dutch oven- no photo necessary

Blender/mixer: two fold gift, our blender has a giant crack in it that could burst at anytime. Plus we use the blender at least twice a day and when the new one gets here I want to puree my own baby food so a mixer would be required.

Oh and the ultimate would be a night at the Westin Downtown Greenville, alone, so I can sleep as much as I like, in a quiet , dark room, and get up only to answer the door for room service and watch as much cable TV as I can stand. That would be the ultimate gift.

 That will be all :)

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