Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bonus Room re-do take 2

Here is a quick update of our bonus room:

When we bought the house it looked like this

And when we moved in it looked like this:

And after a year and a half we moved the furniture around, sold some pieces that weren't really meshing with our style and painting the main wall a turquoise color. Let me just tell you, painting rooms usually isn't such a pain in the hiney but this wall kicked my butt, and in turn kicked Mike's butt. I found the perfect color turquoise that wasn't too dark, in fact it was pearlescent color. When I got the go ahead from Mike and made it to Lowe's to make my purchase, I was never told of the insane amount of steps this paint required. Base coat plus second top coat (which ended up being 8 coats and 2 gallons of paint later for ONE wall) and there are still stroke marks and streaks depending on the light but I was not about to spend another absurd amount of money on a gallon of paint to MAYBE get a better result. Anyhow, I still love the color, just wish the application went smoother. Had I read the reviews on the paint I never would have gone through with it.

The current finished bonus room:

Next steps are a new area rug and new windows... which is currently going on throughout the whole house, one window at a time.

Thats all for now!

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