Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things That Inspire

About a month ago Mike and I went on a quick trip to Asheville, NC just to have some time to ourselves before Lily arrives and also to celebrate 15 years together. Mike was very sweet to go antiquing with me, which actually he liked more than I thought, or at least he did not complain once about it so same thing in my book. I snapped a lot of photos of things I found that I liked but since we didn’t bring a trailer and I didn’t want to spike my credit card, I only bought two things during our trip. So here is a photographic journey of our window shopping excursion.  
I was on a journey for a wire basket  (to photograph Lily in). This was in the first store, the first thing I saw, but it wasn't right.

Mike loves an eagle. I thought this lamp was really great but TOO expensive.

Loved the idea of this, not necessarily the cow, but making something out of old pallets.

My mom has an old crate that I had been trying to heist for some time. Then while browsing I saw these but again, I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on one.

Found some great old cameras....

Adding a little burlap tacking to a hurricane vase or candle holder is a great addition to add just a little something

When Mike and I started out, I said make sure to keep your eyes out for bamboo frames. The BAM here they were, a pair of perfect bamboo frames, great condition but wholy crap they were $350! I am not sure if it was the print or the combo but nonetheless these stayed at the store.

This was just a cute little chair, with a cute print for a cute little princess.

Lots of great furniture pieces

Table made of twigs

I love a glass door knob!

Since watching Sara's House on HGTV and seeing what she can do with a corbel I have been looking for one that was unique and made a statement

This was perfect but again, my purse strings got the best of me

Thought this lamp was fantastic

My brother had one of these when he was little, it is now Matthew's, his is in better shape then this.

Me needy this table. It was magnificent

Another great piece that would be amazing re-done.

I love me some teal.

This was Mikes pick

I have been seeing these all over the place, in Pottery Barn, on various blogs and used in a bunch of different ways. Again, I am not sure that I needed it badly enough to cough up $150

MMM teal

Another store, a pile of crates. Not a special as I thought

I want this so badly, it was ready to use with the sink properly drained and everything

So here is what I did buy
Beautiful teal beaded necklace with a wooden clasp- LOVE!

Yellow egg basket- you will see Lily in this soon

And a few more photos from our visit in Asheville.
This was a stop on our way to Asheville, called Pretty Place. It is indeed beautiful but it was a rainy overcast day so you can't see the mountains behind the cross.

Just a cool sculpture on our lunch pit stop

Drum circle downtown Asheville

Peace FULL

A chicken on Chicken St

I stocked up with a macaroon, a coconut brownie and some other delightful dessert. It was heavenly.

Dont recall the name of the building but it was more the sky that I was shooting

Water spout that wasn't working

Blue Ridge Mountains
We ate great, walked a lot, I got a lot of those 'oh honey' looks being nine months preggo and walking around town got a few sympathy stares. It was a nice trip and thanks to my mom for watching Matthew while we took off a day.

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  1. Nice photos of Asheville. Glad you had a good time. Did you visit the Grove Park Inn and sit in the huge lobby with 2 fireplaces, and a couple of stores on the grounds. If you're into literature, there's the Thomas Wolfe House museum. Also, just up the Blue Ridge Parkway is the Appalachian Folk Art Center; worth a visit. Let us know when the baby comes. Richard