Friday, August 17, 2012

Week by Week: 30-38

Week 30: I will no longer discuss my weight.  You are moving around like you are already a prima ballerina. Your heart rate was 140 this doctor visit. She said we were right on track. We finished your nursery this week which makes me extremely happy, now all that is missing is you!

Week 31: You are the size of a pineapple. You move so much! My belly is so tight. Said you are supposed to grow in inch this week. It’s been over 100 degrees outside which does not lend itself to a happy momma. But we have been busy inside getting ready for you.
31 Weeks

Week 32: You are the size of a squash. I haven’t gained weight this week which is fine by me. I feel stretched to capacity already. You move SO much. I feel like I have to pee a gallon and when I go a little trickle comes out. It’s estimated that you are 15” long already. Matthew is getting more excited to meet you since he can see all the changes in me. He has become clingier as of late and there has been a lot of ‘softing’ my hair. I am relishing every last moment as a mom to one child and snuggling him every night before bed. I’ve already teared at the idea of Mike walking you down the aisle.

I’m starting to realize that it’s been over 2 years since I have changed a diaper.

Week 33: You are the size of a Durian, whatever that is. Sleep is long gone, I just cannot get comfortable, except of course those 15 minutes before I have to get up, I find the most glorious position and feel as though I could sleep for hours but alas I must get up and start the day, there is no way Matthew is letting me sleep late anyhow (unless he thinks it’s a school day in which case he will snuggle as long as he can).

 Week 34: You are the size of a butternut squash, measuring well and heartbeat was strong in the 130’s. My weight is staying strong at +38lbs.  Matthew got to hear your heartbeat at the doctors this week and had a huge smile on his face. I am feeling just overly full and finding even sitting up straight to be uncomfortable. You are very high still but you are indeed head down. Matthew felt you kick really hard twice this week and I think it all finally clicked with him.
34 weeks

Week 35: You are the size of a coconut, I am at +39lbs. I am having lots of trouble sleeping, so I have been staying up later just to get as tired as possible so I might have a chance at 5 hours of sleep, interrupted by the constant bathroom trips of course, before my alarm goes off for work. Dr said we looked good, no progress down there but that is okay. I signed a waiver for a VBAC just in case you do decide to come early.

Week 36: You are the size of a honeydew. I stupidly read something about child birth that said a normal person’s pain threshold is 47 (in whatever the measurement for pain is) which is like fracturing 7 bones at once, giving birth is at a 52. I made sure Mike knew that his normal make light of things by using jokes is not going to fly if we do go into ‘spontaneous’ labor. I know he will be there for me at go time, it’s the leading up to that point that I am concerned about. Still not sleeping well and really am just having a hard time finding any sort of comfortable position to be in be it laying down, sitting up or standing.

Week 37:  You are the size of a winter melon. This is my last week at work. Sleep at night is a distant thought, but after the alarm hits I could snooze for two hours. You are still kicking hard but not as often, I know there isn’t much room left in there for you. There is not progression down there so no concern for an early arrival although I am ready for you.

Week 38: You are the size of a pumpkin! I am staying strong at a +39 weight gain, which isn’t so bad considering I gained close to 60lbs with Matthew. Your heartbeat was strong at 140 this week; your head is still high so again they are not worried about early delivery. I have one more doctor visit before the big C next week. I am absolutely exhausted, I just cannot sleep. Even though I have quiet time now throughout the day sleep eludes me. Anything and everything causes me heartburn/ indigestion- I am talking graham crackers and plain yogurt here. I am betting that you are very long and have a head of hair just like Matthew did. One more week!!!!

38 weeks

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