Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Its been two months...

I have been trying to write this for weeks now but as you know there is a new love in my life that has taken over my being.  My house has been full lately. Lily is 2 months old today and it has been a blur since I first laid teary eyes on the sweet baby girl we had prayed so hard for. Grammys and Grampas coming to meet the newest addition to the family, friends and loved ones coming to greet her with hugs and soft kisses. She is indeed a very sweet, mild mannered baby and is everything I dreamt of. People have been telling me that now we have the ‘perfect family’, not sure if that is because I have one child of each sex now but I tend to agree, I am beyond happy with our new family.

A quick birth story: During the cesarean the anesthesiologist tapped Mike on the shoulder and told him to stand up and to watch Lily being born on the other side of the blue sheet separating me from shock as my insides were out. We had talked about him seeing me that way, he wasn’t sure he could handle seeing me like that, but when he was tapped he stood right up and I was able to watch through his eyes the birth of our daughter that we had waited 3+ years for. The joy in his eyes is something I will always remember. Then I heard her cry for the first time and the doctors told me that she had a ton of hair, Mike verified that she was indeed a girl and I took a deep breath for the first time since being strapped down to the operating table. Mike was summoned over to the table to help clean her off (of pollen as my brother says), measure and weigh her and they stamped her feet right on his scrubs. Within minutes she was swaddled and in his arms and he was back sitting by my side with our newest love as the doctors completed the surgery. Looking at her in his arms is a joy I cannot fully describe.  Soon he was ushered out of the OR and the dr’s finished me up and I was scooted back into the recovery room where I was able to hold her for the first time and tears just overcame me. I held her skin to skin and she nursed immediately which was amazing.
Matthew meeting Lily for the first time was overwhelmingly sweet. So much love for each child swelling inside, and watching Matthew rub her head and ask permission to kiss her just shows his sweet nature. We stayed in the hospital for just two days, we had the most amazing nurse staff and beside the sweltering heat I experienced from all the meds I was on, I has zero pain and was able to get up and move around a lot easier than my first cesarean.

These last two months have been a joy and a blessing, sleepless nights and all. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and who knows, maybe we will add a third next year...
minutes before

minutes after

less than 1 hour old

1 day old

1 week

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  1. She is so beautiful Monica. I am SO happy for you! :D