Friday, February 4, 2011

my minds a swirlin

Its a real good thing I am already married. I have way too many ideas pouring through me right now and if I had a wedding to plan I would be broke; crazy and broke. Did you know that aloe plants and all sorts of succulents are all the rage in wedding decor and bouquet florals? Its strange and unique and I sorta love it.

 I am however planning a baby shower and am swooning with ideas, craft projects, colors, pretty little 'ahhh' things. Who knew there were so many DIY'ers out there with there own blogs just waiting for me to look at them and attempt to recreate their magic? Let me tell you that last week my color was turquoise, still is really, love it in my house, but my new color is tangerine. Don't worry though Julie your shower is not tangerine colored. It is all over the place sister! I kid, sort of.

Since Ashley will be the next to get married, she better watch out cause I have an arsenal of ideas just waiting for her to announce that he put a ring on it. And if she leaves my ideas blowing in the wind then Mike will have to suffer and we will have to renew our vows  at our 10 year anniversary so I can wear another pretty dress and do a completely opposite version of our first wedding. Complete with child in tow and just a handful of people there to share in the candlelight and mountainesque views. I've already given away too much, should I book the venue now?

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