Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pick My Project

I have many a house project I want to complete. So far this weekend I painted my laundry closet... something small but makes me happy.

Since the one thing that I wanted in our house in SC was a laundry room, it was obviously the only thing we didn't get. Just how things work sometimes. But I did get a lovely laundry closet.
The entire house was painted that dull brown color. Not me. I like bright colors. So here is what I did Friday night to make me a little happier while doing the laundry.

I love me some turquoise.
 A $20 trip to Home Depot.
A few hours of rearranging and painting and voila.

Now on to my list of other projects:
Guest room: Since the lack of occupant (s) in my uterus I am thinking about making the guest room into a guest room slash office instead of a nursery. Here are my current inspiration photos and I need help narrowing them down.

LOVE the built ins

Need that shelf over my master bed

Unique set up

Dreaming of a nursery

Must have that desk and perhaps a cow hide rug

In hopes of a baby

Most likely to happen, neutral and classic

1 comment :

  1. I like the idea of maybe a daybed and desk. Neutral colors and then you can easily switch it to a nursery :)