Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

I am going to implement a series on the blog to share my wants for the week which are ever changing and if my husband is ever stumped on what to gift me with he can come here but also to help inspire you all with beautiful things I come across and different ways they can be used. And in turn you can help me, if you see something on my Wish List and know of a good deal, let me know! (Now I know today is Tuesday but i started this last Wednesday and the photos didn't come through, so i wanted to show you last weeks and continue tomorrow)

I need this credenza/desk; It was featured in ELLE d├ęcor magazine and also on HGTVs blog. I love the turquoise color, peacockesque if you will.

Here is another version

And yet another version with a cool acrylic chair and well placed mirrors

And here is yet another, respectively priced item I just found on Craigslist that I think I am going to pick up this weekend and play around with for my guest room/ new office space

It has the Queen Ann legs that the above three have and I can add a piece of glass or Plexiglas to the top after I repaint it to add some workspace to the top. It has one drawer for my needs to function as a desk for my laptop, which I need so that my son can’t stick up the mouse anymore while trying to load his Scooby Doo movies.

One more thing on the wish list (for now) is a Garden Stool

I just love the way they look and there is something that makes them feel elegant yet fun at the same time. Could be used as a side table, an extra seat or just something pretty to look at and hope your son doesn’t break it with his Buzz Lightyear

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