Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

Okay it’s been too long, I have had many thoughts since last I wrote but life impedes my blogging ways.

Wish List Wednesday

On the list today is a bird bath slash water fountain. I have the perfect spot for it amidst my South Carolinian bushes and plants that are flourishing despite the fact that I have a black thumb. The problem is I can’t see spending the money for the one I really want but also don’t want to spend less money on something I don’t really want. Anyhow, here is the ideal Water Fountain with the backup bird bath following it.

Next on current list of wants is a food processer. The only time I have really found the need for it is when I am making Oreo cookie ball truffles and have to smash the Oreos in to crumbs with a meat tenderizer. Just seems wrong. I am sure if I owned one I would use it for many other cooking projects but the Oreo Balls are what sparked this desire.
Does anyone have they recommend?
Now some more random items that have made it back on the list:
A Galileo thermometer. I believe we had one when I was little, I probably broke it.
I have wanted one for a few years now but when I see that they are $30 bucks for a decent size one, I skip it thinking that there is something more important to spend my money on. Like Starbucks or photos, you know the important things. So alas I have not purchased one for myself yet. This would be a great gift if anyone is every in the need to buy me a gift.

Nude shoes. Nuff said. I found the perfect pair a week or so ago, not too old fashioned, but not harlot like either, appropriate for work or a casual outfit and the suckers were out of my size. These are not a photo of said shoe but a good replacement unit however they look like they are blister makers.

They are so beautiful and seemingly hassle free. Perfect for the New Year’s Resolution to keep more plants alive. I am not sure I have the patients or the right size tweezers to operate in such a confined space to make this pretty but perhaps I will try or find one that I like enough to purchase.

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  1. I have a food processor by Giada de laurentis (target) that I love. Of course I don't often have a chance to use it since I am usually serving fruit and cereal (and thanks to a recent coupon plus sale that gave gas cards with cereal - we have about 20 boxes here)