Monday, April 25, 2011

Diet Log Day 3-8

Day 3-8
Well today I was locked out of the jelly bean and mini chocolate lovers dream offices, so that is a good thing.
I was fairly good over the weekend, I mean there were TONS of goodies to be had and I didn't partake in ALL of them.

I refrained from any alcohol, I ate one half of a half of a cupcake, I did eat a lemon bar, which is odd since I'm not all that big a fan of lemon. I drank soda, killer, but the max was 2 and that was on Friday and that is because Mike shocked me and we went out to lunch. I can't say that I worked out all the much either, unless the stairs in the house count because I was up and down them all weekend. And if chasing a 3 year old counts then I am golden on the cardio.

So here is my food log, go ahead, scoff.

Just a little side note, I used to keep a food log and bring it to my trainer weekly for his dose of wtf are you eating or the occasional that a girl, when I feel off the wagon I would write those entries in size 2 font, to keep it real, I didn't lie but it was so small that he couldn't read it. Eventually the magnifier came out.

CRAP- the list of food wont open, I swear I have it, I'll add to it and upload it tomorrow

oh and since I failed at taking any before pictures of the cuteness outside for the kids here is what inspired me

Bunny ear cupcakes

Rice Krispie treat eggs

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