Sunday, July 24, 2011

Matthew was being so sweet this afternoon, loud but sweet. I had to make this one black and white so that I could hide, a smidgen, of how dark my under eyes are. SERIOUSLY what is up. I really truly need a great nights rest. Calgon take me away!
Regardless of how tired I am this smile always will brighten my day.

Matthew got a rockin hair cut! If I had thought about it Mike would have taken the camera to the salon but alas I didn't have that forethought AND I was at the gym for two hours trying to work on my fitness, I had no witness.
I got my hairs did too! I cut about 4 inches off and dyed it a deep auburn. I am so far in love with it but haven't had to do it myself yet. She did a small asymmetrical cut, not severe but just enough.

We went to Dunkin Donuts this morning, after fooling around with his donut, it ended up icing down on the floor and tears were had.

Matthew got a hold of my point and shoot camera

This is his point of view
And just a random shot of ALL of his Cowboy Woody dolls, I mean action figures. I don't think he needs anymore.  He has the same amount of Buzz Lightyears. I am not saying he is spoiled but...
And this caught my eye and I had to have it because I have been feeling the need for something all American. It is supposed to be a tray but I think I might add out last name on it and hang it by the front door. Not sure yet, just know that I like it a lot. 
I also am dying for some Chevron stripe. LOVE the lettered cottage too.... go check them out!
I bought a grey chevron lumbar pillow cover on Etsy and plan to add a little floral design to copy this. I plan to add it to my guest room since I can't work it in anywhere else.

SO that was my weekend. Hate that it is over but I am stoked that in one week from today my Mom and Grammy will be here, officially South Carolinians!
Have a great week!!!!

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