Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

I am in need of something Chevron striped. Since my decor does not call for it I have to find it in other areas. I am thinking about redoing Matthews wall of shelves since it is fairly unstable and perhaps I can work some Chevron in there. Otherwise I will find solace in a purse.

Cole Haan from Norstroms

Cupcake I ate yesterday from the Chocolate Moose... divine. Mocha chocolate which had chocolate covered coffee beans in it. YUM

Why don't they have flower markets everywhere? I really want to walk into a farmers market and see this display

Im a sucker for a stripe.

I have a soft spot for Jason Bateman and would like him to take me to dinner

Things I DO NOT require

no words for this, can you not use a scoop or measuring cup?

Trebuchet toaster, fun I suppose but lets be real

For you serious OCDers, stacked ice cream scooper

Hope you all have a great week! We are off to the lake this weekend for some boating fun! Photos to come

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