Friday, April 6, 2012

Pregnancy update:Weeks 10-20

Week 11: You are the size of a walnut. This week has been hit and miss as far as how I feel. I went to the gym for the first time in a month and was SO sore. I am getting a little more indigestion than usual. Also I am starting to get a pooch! Cannot sleep well, tossing and turning, I think we need a new mattress more than anything. Matthew has been talking to you and giving you kisses on my belly. Migraines have been the complaint of the week.

Week 12: you have doubled in size and are now the size of a kiwi. I have gained close to 15 lbs. Not the size of a kiwi. I am still getting migraines and becoming very dizzy in the mornings. My sciatica is kicking in again, and the old Mr. Happy of days past is becoming very useful. My pants are tight and I am currently wearing one of the two pair of work appropriate pants I can fit into before I dive fully into the maternity gear. You have also declared “NO ONIONS!” I hear ya. Oh and also, night sweats!
Week 13: You are the size of an egg. I have been overly tired. Been in bed by 8:30 this week. Still not feeling great, getting migraines in the afternoon but that might be because of my exciting desk job and looking at the computer screen for 9 hours a day. Mike has been a stellar husband and father, allowing me to lie down while he takes care of Matthew’s nightly routine. Matthew has been extra sweet as well, covering me with blankets and attempting to bring me ice cream out of nowhere the other night and snuggling me whenever possible. I am one lucky girl. I am also on a bit of a bit-o-honey binge

Week 14: You are the size of a lemon. Felt great all week, not sure if it was because I had to because mike was out of town all week and I had no choice but to suck it up and be both parents; or if it was just because it’s finally time to enjoy the pregnancy. I ate normal meals, nothing massive like I was eating in previous weeks to feel satiated. I slept great, since I was diagonal across the bed without mike being there. And I worked in a pedicure so I was feeling pretty good!

Week 15: You are the size of an apple or orange. We had another doctor visit; your heart beat was 154bpm so a little confusing on what you might be. We are measuring great. Dr said that pain I was feeling was due to my uterus getting larger and pulling on something, I thought it was an incision pain from the previous c-section but he assured me all was well and it was a normal pain. We have our gender ultrasound scheduled for my birthday which is a great birthday present to me!

Week 16: You are the size of an avocado! I am feeling great, a little tired but nothing too bad. I have to admit that I purchased a little girl outfit the other day, it was too cute and too on sale to pass up. I will keep the receipt just in case. I am feeling extremely blessed. I have had two giant glasses of Chick- Fil-A lemonade, then was told about it not being pasteurized; Curious how lemons are pasteurized to begin with. I didn’t see anything negative on-line about it, so I suppose if the craving hits again, I won’t deny myself. My sciatica pain is back and it’s no fun. My dreams are getting crazier and crazier, very vivid and a wild cast of characters.
Week 17: You are the size of a red onion. I am holding strong at a 20lb weight gain. I am not sleeping well. Dr Pepper, I think I love you. I am also loving Country Time pink lemonade. No chocolate. It makes me wretch. However, Mango Pie, bring it! Both Mike and Matthew are sick and I am doing my best to not catch any bugs!

Week 18: You are the size of a sweet potato! My headlights are ALWAYs on. I have gained a total of 23 lbs, I am attributing half to my boobs and the remainder to my back fat wings. I am having a hard time accepting the weight gain this go around. My back is spasaming. Going for second prenatal massage today, hopefully this one will actually be relaxing and help this awful pain in my tail bone. I went to the doctor because the pain we too great and he said I have a weak pelvis muscle and a strained pelvis bone; after the diagnosis mike said, wow that DOES sound painful as if I was making up said pain before. Doctor recommended physical therapy, massage and a belly band, aka girdle, aka a prenatal cradle.

Week 19 : You are the size of a mango! I cannot wait to find out what you are and why you are not moving around too much. I took docs advice and had the most wonderful massage, they paraffin waxed my back and hot toweled my feet and rubbed every knot out of my shoulders, as well as told me that my hips were about an inch of balance of each other!

Week 20: Drum roll please- you are a GIRL and just about 10 oz! We are beyond thrilled! And so is Matthew and the rest of the family. First girl born into the Booth family in many many years!

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  1. grandpa Don is so excited about the baby girl he has tears in his eyes. Now that he knows the gender he talks about his Monica a lot. He is afraid he will be to old to get on the floor with the new babe. He will be fine. And, he will have a ball. Grandkids do that to you. God Bless, Michele