Sunday, January 25, 2015

Battle of the Bulge

Wow it doesnt seem like 5 months since I posted a blog and it doesnt seem like 12 weeks (tomorrow) that my little nugget will have been in the world. I am on a new journey to lose the stubborn baby weight that came along with indulging during my last pregnancy and perhaps enjoying some holiday cookies too much. I plan to journal what I eat and what I work out as well as monitor my progress here for the next few weeks as Mike and I have entered a 12 week workout goal together. We are beginning week 4 and I have not noticed any changes yet which is super frustrating. We have had 2 glorious cheat meals and Mike 'caught' me the one time I added a smidge of cream to my coffee but otherwise have been on a strict protein eating plan that gives me high and low days of carbs. I have been lifting weights heavier than normal, started back to doing pilates reformer and do body combat 3 times a week which is getting increased to 5 times a week starting tomorrow. 10lbs to go and a lot of firming up to do....Ill check back with ya to let you know how its going.

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