Friday, January 30, 2015

Today I was very lethargic, exhausted even. My routine was off slightly so I didn't make it to the gym in the afternoon per usual. I did manage to drag my butt there for an evening session and I was the only female in the weight room. Last night I had an outing that should have required real pants, you know with a button and such. All my jeans are just too tight. So I wore workout leggings, she didn't care but it annoyed me to no end that at almost 4 weeks complete with this diet that my jeans are tighter then they were day one. 

15 minute warm up on treadmill at 4.1 at a 1 incline

Quick Shoulders: 4 x 12 sets
Alternating dumbbell press ( twisting the weight) 
Military press
Side lateral raise
Low Cable raise
Alternating front raise

The meal I posted yesterday turned out very tasty and we omitted the tomato from the recipe, purely because we had non on hand, both the canned and the fresh. Today was my low carb day and since I didn't do a cardio class I felt fine. Today's meals were the chicken from yesterday 5oz at a time and my last two meals were protein shakes out of time restraints. 

I took some selfies in the gym changing room and am noticing a slight change in my back so I am continuing to push on with the diet plan as Mike has suggested. 

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