Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Last night after combat and my 5th meal of the day which was 5 oz. of ground turkey, I was not feeling the best. I knew my blood sugar was low so I had a quarter of an apple with some almonds and it took a while but I eventually felt better. Yes it was not part of my meal plan but it is about feeling good and what serves you as a person not following the restrictions so hard that you make yourself ill.

Today was my high carb day, so my first meal was 60 grams and my second meal was 40 grams, the remainder of the day was no carbs with my meals.

Workout- Back and Bi's:

15 minute warm-up on treadmill at 4.1 speed with an incline of 1, which for me is a super fast walk
Wide grip lat pull downs (front of head, back of head) 12 x 4 each front and back
Bicep cable curl with W bar 12 x 4
V bar rows 12x 4
Preacher curls 12x 4
Bicep curl with barbell  12 x 4
Dumb bell rows 12 x
Standing alternating dumb bell curls 12 x 4

v bar row

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