Friday, April 15, 2011

Craving Peace

Craving Peace and Being Present. For those of my friends who listen to the Philips Phile you most likely know of Eddie the Shaman. A few weeks back he was talking about following your path and creating your own destiny. Lately I have felt like I am running around in circle, craving more things, waiting for more in my life but if I sit back and look at what  I have, I have all I need. I have a wonderful family. My mom is like nothing I could do justice with words. She is 100% behind me and my family in all that we do and is so over the moon in love with Matthew that it just melts my heart and actually brings tears to my eyes when I think about them together. I have a loving brother who, although lives far away and I only see a few times a year, is also there for me when I need him, no matter what time of day. And even though the two of them, mom and brother, are superior procrastinators they always seem to come through and provide me with magical memories and beautiful things to fill my house and heart with. Then there is my husband who I recently gushed about on here but I can say a few more good things about him I suppose. My head fits perfect in his neck. He makes me feel safe and I know that he is worrying enough for the both of us but rarely shows it. Matthew is the light of my life and makes me smile on the cruddiest of days. He gives the most spectacular hugs and lets me get his brown sugar (a family term) any time I need it. I love seeing him grow up and get his sillys out and just be a happy boy. I love knowing that he is so loved and in a secure place that it gives me bliss.  A family hug gives me more I than any paycheck  could buy. 

On top of this warm tender family of mine, I am blessed to live in a beautiful town, own a lovely home, and have a job. As much as I might complain about the little things, its the bigger picture that I love “If you seek some special life outside of daily activities, that is like brushing aside waves to look for water.” 

This is the combo of two posts, I started the above post on my birthday and lost track of time a long the way. I can NOT believe that it is the middle of April already. Today, April 15, is my aunt’s birthday who passed away many years ago from aggressive cancer, she battled and beat brain and breast but liver cancer took her. My mom gets very quiet this time of year as she misses her sister dearly. I know she feels all sorts of emotions, pain, regret, sorrow and sometimes even hate that she was left here to take on the life's struggles alone.  I just wanted to share a few photos of the aunt that I barely got to know and to request that you hold your loved ones dear as you never know what is lurking around the corner in life.  “Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” Abraham Lincoln   

Aunt Mary, Great Grandparents, My mom, and Thats my Grandma on the far right, Woo HOO!

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