Monday, April 4, 2011


Today  I am a fan of  mercury mirror and
milk glass and always am a fan of peacocks .
I am also a fan of my husband and all his handy work and how in 8 short months our house has gone from needing a cosmetic facelift to almost complete on top of the fact that he does everything himself and to Mike Holmes standards, he does it without complaining. And he bought me a weeping willow for the yard and made me flower beds in the back yard to keep with my theme of keeping plants alive as my new years resolution. He disregards my many mood swings over the past year due to all the hormones I have been on trying to conceive child number two. And he is the most wonderful father a wife could ever imagine for her family. He can't wait for Matthew to get a little bigger to play catch with and to help him turn a wrench and he savors the little moments now as Matthew is learning about life and rapidly growing into a man. And to top it off he ain't to bad looking either. So again, keeping with my Be more Thankful for What I have theme this New Year,  I am more than grateful for the husband that has stood by me for nearly 14 years and just thought I would gush a little today.

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