Tuesday, April 19, 2011


While looking through some photo sites I came across a photo of a baby on a 'coloring blanket' I got a box of goodies in the mail yesterday containing my 'coloring blanket' from when I was little. My mom knew just how to wrap my baby doll, Abigail Ashley, in it with one of those old Goody ball hair ties and it had to be done each night. She would carefully swaddle Abigail and then secure the blanket with the hair tie and would do so, probably a minimum of 3 times a night before I could fall asleep.

On The Tree Top Photography

Matthew got his first bloody nose yesterday at school, roughhousing with another kid- he ran into the wall. On the same note Mike did the same thing when he was little except he was running from his brother and it was a dumpster and he cut his eye brow but you know essentially the same thing ...  ( I will repost photos)

I need a rug for the downstairs living room, not that we have two, but the downstairs is more the formal area and the upstairs bonus room is where we live and watch tv. SO that said I need to pick between two crazy yet equally fun and elegant rugs. Can you help? We have dark hardwood floors, and antique/traditional wood furniture with updated upholstery to tie in new and old. My mom thinks I am crazy for the sheepskin because in the winter when we make fires she thinks the soot and ash will make it dirty and that will aggravate me, she must have  me confused with some anal retentive hyper active house cleaner. I love the colorful rug from Antrhopolgie but since there isn't one close by I can't see the actual colors and I have having to pay for return shipping if it didn't work out. Thoughts?

And Again I have two very different ideas for the guest room which I am going to turn into a guest slash  office so I can build a craft empire.

Here are the ideas- both stolen of course.

The first one is great because its set up just like our room now, the window placement etc. So I would just have to convince Mike that he needs to build me this insane built in. The second option is more serene and I could get a trundle bed for the guests and keep the linens and walls simple and bring in color with all my fun accessories and love for all things peacock. Thoughts?

I am going to post a before and after of the hallway Mike just finished for me and some other of the house thus far. I just have to search for the befores, I know I have them.

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  1. My favorite wish list catalog/website is West Elm! I am constantly emailing Ken wishlists of all the "we could never afford" or "I could never spend THAT much on anything" things I would love.