Monday, April 18, 2011

Losing the LBs

The Mission:
Lose solid 8 or more lbs by June 10th. Have to pick a date or
there won’t be any accountability and Mike’s birthday is as
good as any.

I’m not talking water weight I’m talking a good solid 8 pounds
so I feel better in my clothes and I don’t feel like I should
wear a moo moo in the heat of summer in South Carolina
which is, as my friend Rudy pointed out, Africa hot.

I am going to start a regime like I had in Florida before my
routine got all out of wack. I have 2 gyms to choose from
PLUS an in home elliptical so really I have zero excuses and
now I have this blog to update to keep my accountable and
for the most part honest.

I want to go from

 I am going to keep a food journal like I used to and I am
going to share it here for the whole blogosphere to gawk at,
judge and point out my Whoopsies. I am going to loosely
follow the Flat Belly Diet plan. I promise to be honest and if
you want to share yours too I will listen and only moderately
scoff at you. (I kid, I kid). On top of the health benefits
this will also help me achieve my New Years Resolutions’
to have shake weight arms and drink cheaper coffee as
Starbucks double tall mochas aren’t on the diet.

So here it goes day one: April 18, 2011
cornflakes with Lactaid220weights in am
raisins4245 min cardio
dbl tall mocha270
scoop of jelly beans140
baby carrots35
cheese stick80
turkey slices90
piece of cheddar

If you’re not into counting your calories while eating you can always use
to calculate your intake. Find out your BMI and the amount of calories you should consume there


  1. Good luck!!!!!!! I think u look fab already....but I will be rooting for ya anyway!!' To add to ur plan, I think u should commit to posting a sexy-made ur goal-swimsuit pic on June 10th :)
    Xoxo, Julie

  2. Oh Julie, you're sooo funny-- perhaps I will post a picture of the one piece suit that I want to buy on June 10

  3. i need to get back on the wagon too. the grace period of "baby weight" has long since passed. :(