Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is me and my Bff

She is the greatest.

Today I got a long awaited package in the mail. She told me two weeks ago, on my 31st birthday, that a gift was on its way but to tide me over she had sent me another package to open On my birthday!

Peacock note cards!
 Duh!! I love them. They might be too pretty to use. I adore all things peacock--- thank you Ashley.

Then a long tortuous two weeks passed with no clue what was to greet me except a random text message after I was complaining about random things:
    Just know that ur gift will lvoe you unconditionally and doesn't discriminate on size. Its made espcly with you in mind :)
Of course I ask:
    Is it a puppy?
Lol Good guess.
    Is it a painted hermit crab?
    Is it a peacock painting?
    Is it a baby?
um no to all three but may have something to do with the last one!


Alas my package arrives and my husband calls to tell me he accidently opened it thinking it was for Matthew. Hrmph.

So I get home to an opened package and see this after tearing away some tissue paper
Now Im very intrigued

So I open it up slowly as to not rip the packing and this was in it

The sweetest necklace with Matthew, M&M and Est 05...couldn't have been more thoughtful, except she was! Ashley also included another long blank panel to be stamped when we DO eventually have another child.
Tissues anyone?

Here's an upclose

  I just wanted to publicly thank her for the most thoughtful gift Ive recieved in a long time. Now all she has to do is come visit, no pressure. Did I mention that we are having an Easter BBQ this weekend?


  1. So, I guess it's safe to say, you liked it?!
    I am happy to know it made it's way to you and that it came out exactly as I had hoped. I look forward to seeing the next tag placed on it. Happy Birthday BFF!

  2. that is the SWEETEST present ever!!! love!