Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday was chest and tri day, I had to get back on track as far as what body part I was working out. 

Warm up 12 min on treadmill, last 5 running.

I started with hanging leg raises, targeting the lower abs 2 x 30 while I waited for Mike to finish up his cardio.

4 x 12
Flat bench press
Seated dumbbell extensions
Incline dumbbell fly
Flat bench dumbbell press
Cable crossovers

I had my staple oats and protein for meals 1 and 2. Meal 3 was eggs, meal 4 was chicken marbala sans brown sugar and meal 5 was a protein shake. We had a busy evening running around so it was a time crunch.

Today I did Pilates Reformer and I will head back later for combat class. 

Again meals 1 and 2 were oats and protein. Lunch was eggs again and since I needed more protein I mixed some vanilla protein with a little water and mashed a banana together. I think pork loin is on tap for the remainder of the day if I get up and make it...

Here is a before and during (since my after is not complete)

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