Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday was a cheat meal day and it seemed as though everything was revolting against me. I did Body Combat yesterday as my work out. Had plans to have a brunch date with the hubs and the littlest in my life while my mom graciously watched the older kiddos. We headed to brunch, which was all for me since Mike is more of a meat and potatoes kinda guy rather than syrupy madness. The wait was 50 minutes long and that was not gonna fly. So we ran a few errands and ended up at a different brunch place where the wait was not as bad. I ordered a bananas foster waffle and home fries. I could crunch on the sugar from the caramelized bananas. It was good but not as good as I had built it in my mind. Which means that this diet is changing my taste buds. 

Prior to me getting pregnant with Levi, I would indulge on a cupcake or cookie here and there and within a half hour feel like utter garbage, so my body is back to that place where sugar at high doses is revolting. I am nervous that after this 12 week plan that if I do not keep up 100% with the clean eating that I will balloon up in weight and also now that I know I can eat this way that I will give myself even more food regret when I want to eat something off the plan. Knowledge is power and guilt inducing.

Today I got up and did Combat again and plan to return this afternoon to hit the shoulders that I missed earlier in the week and try running again for a little extra boost. It is nice to be able to go to the gym sans kids so I don't have that rushed feeling to get my workout done before a kid melts down.

I am making crock pot chicken again, since it shreds really nicely and is easier to stomach cold. Reheated chicken tastes like the bowels of hell and smells even worse. It is a low carb day again which works out fine since I porked out yesterday. Tomorrow starts week 6 of this diet plan, I will have to ask my coach aka the hubs if my carb ratio changes or not. Here is to a great week!

Happy Sunday! 

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