Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yesterday was a low carb day which was fine by me since I indulged for the Super Bowl. I felt like the very hungry caterpillar, I had 4 meatballs, 1 slider, 3 weenie tots and 2 oatmeal fudge bars- say what?! Oh yes I did. 

Mondays workout was Body Attack which is a cardio class with lots of running. It is not my favorite class just because I feel like I am not accomplishing anything even though I am sweating my ass off. It reminds me a lot of cheer-leading practice with some of the arm movements, perhaps a little Jane Fonda-esque but it does wear you out for sure. 

I  had planned to return for my weights later in the afternoon but my daughter was not feeling well and the rest of the day was not an option so I missed my chest day which I will have to make up for sometime this week. 

My meals were the same as every morning, oatmeal and protein, and my 3rd and 4th meal were 5oz of  pork loin and my last meal was a protein shake.

Today is my high carb day, which again is oats and protein, just a larger portion. I am taking my Pilates reformer class and then will head back this evening for Combat. 

Reformer is not ALL abs but it is mostly core focused. I look forward to this class because you are not straining yourself but afterwards feel muscles that you did not realize you were working out. 

Hope you are all enjoying February and sticking to those January goals. This is the beginning of week 5 of 12 for my diet program. I have lost 5 lbs but fluctuating. I am going to continue to listen to Mike and see where this leads me. Today my little munchkin is 3 months old so I am pleased with where I am at body wise even though I have a long road ahead to be where I want to be.

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