Friday, February 13, 2015

Wednesday's Workout

Back and Bi: 10 minute warm up
4 x 12
Low row
Rope Bicep curl
Lat pull downs front and back
Standing Lat Pull
Bent Over Rows
Concentration Curl
Barbell Curl

It was a low carb day and I was just not feeling it. I taste tested the honey mustard sauce I made the kids for their home made nuggets and I found myself with a handful of Lily's cereal but stopped myself.

Thursday's Workout

Legs- 10 minute warm up
4 x 12
weighted back squats
step ups
hack squats
dead lifts
Hack press
Leg sled
Leg curls

I went back and took Combat class as well, it is great but I feel like I am getting too used to it. I used to be halfway through class looking at the clock and now its the end of class and I cannot believe its over already. I am still breaking a good sweat for sure but I think I might start trying other classes to see which gets my heart-rate up.

Total loss of 6 pounds so far. Feeling stronger and my cardio level is increasing. I really want to focus on getting rid of the back fat, lifting my booty and removing the extra swing from my arms.

Today is my little ones Valentine's class party, so I will miss my afternoon workout. I will head out later to workout shoulders.
I have not indulged in ANY Candy whatsoever, even the peanut butter hearts. We are having a Valentine's day cheat meal and I am debating between a Philly cheese steak or a Kahlua Mudslide. Oh decisions!

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